About Us

My husband’s grandmother, Hylie Cook, inspired me with her wonderful, time-tested family recipes. She also taught me a simple, but novel idea: great cooks cook to have fun. They cook for the thrill of a new recipe, the excitement of new smells and flavors, the surprises that come with experimentation. They love to see oil streaming into a silvery pan, to smell sautéed garlic in the air, to feel dough squeezing through their fingers. 
The best thing to come out of cooking is the act of cooking itself – whether you’re making a masterful soufflé or your first batch of chocolate chip cookies. In 1976, my husband and I built Mrs. Cook’s around that idea, and we hope you’ll feel it in our store today. 
Everyone who works at Mrs. Cook’s shares that same spirit. They truly love to cook, love to talk about cooking, and love to help other cooks. Mrs. Cook’s is independent, locally-owned, and stocks thousands of products. Please come by, look around, chat with our staff, and never, ever forget to include fun in your recipes.
– Carol Bromel, Owner