Cover Blubber

Move over plastic wrap, the CoverBlubber® is here! It's the super stretchy food saver for use inside the refrigerator or freezer. CoverBlubber® is made of food safe StickyRubber™, a safer alternative to plastic wrap, that you can place directly on food or containers of various shapes and sizes. The CoverBlubber® is the perfect food storage solution--it stretches and clings, seals airtight and form fits to fresh cut food and just about any container. CoverBlubber®, so cool to use you'll want leftovers!

Available in 4 color coded sizes:

  • Small (fits up to 3 inches/8 cm) - $4.40
  • Medium (fits up to 5 inches/12.7 cm) - $5.50
  • Large (fits up to 7 inches/17.8 cm) - $8.75
  • X-Large (fits up to 12 inches/30.48 cm) - $10.95
  • Mixed 4 Pack (1 of each size) - $21.95

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