Drosselmeyer Nutcracker

Named, in a play on words, after the mysterious magician-like character Herr Drosselmeyer in Tchaikovsky's famous  ballet The Nutcracker, this Drosselmeyer takes on a known domestic challenge--nutcracking--and turns it into a easy task for anyone, regardless of strength and dexterity. This award winning design is widely regarded as the best and most powerful nutcracker on the market. It's a quick, clean and easy way to crack nuts. Drosselmeyer is the first handheld nutcracker to have a double lever action and a container to collect the shells. There is no crushing of nuts or spraying of shells and it accommodates any size of nut.   The entire assembly comes apart easily for cleaning.  Drosselmeyer sets the standard in nutcracker design and function. Offered in two stylish colors.  Made in Sweden.

Available in black or red.

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Category: Food Prep Tools

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