Epicurean Gripper Board

Epicurean® cutting surfaces are fabricated using eco friendly materials that gain their natural look and texture from the organic contents that comprise them. Each  is composed of a set of fiber sources layered together and pressed along with a food safe resin, to form a sheet that has unequaled food preparation properties.  They are a wood fiber cutting surface that is dishwasher safe and knife friendly.

Epicurean® non-slip Gripper Surfaces are a perfect solution for smooth and damp preparation areas and for people who like more countertop grip during food prep. The corner placement of the silicone grippers elevates the surface off of your countertop while holding the surface in place and preventing it from slipping under the knife. Made of eco-friendly materials, these boards won't dull knives and heat resistant to 350°F. They are dishwasher safe and the grippers detach for added easy clean-up. Made in the USA.


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