Henckels Four Star II Bread Knife

Zwilling JA Henckels Twin Four Star II is the latest creation from the precision forged professional cutlery line. The edge is laser controlled with precision honing that's incredibly sharp from its first use and stays sharper, longer. The ice hardened blade of this exclusive formula high-carbon, sigmaforge, no-stain steel is a result for an extraordinary sturdy blade with superior cutting performance. The enhanced bolster design provides the solid, balanced feel acclaimed by professional chefs around the world. The seamless polypropylene handle gives the most secure grip that's unbreakable, hygienic and dishwasher safe. Lifetime Warranty. Made in Germany.

The Henckels Twin Four Star II 8-in. Bread Knife is perfect for cutting bread or any other food of soft substance with a tough skin or crust. DO NOT cut meat or fish with this scalloped or serrated edge knife as it will not produce an even slice with those foods.

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