Outset Chef's Nonstick Grill Basket & Skillet

Shake things up with this 3-in-1 grill basket and skillet! The Chef's Outdoor Grill Basket & Skillet has a sturdy mesh design that allows for searing while preventing small foods from slipping below the cooking grate. Design also provides the perfect way to infuse smoky flavor into just about any food. The helper handle makes traveling to and from the grill easy. It features a high quality nonstick coating that contains no PTFE's or PFOA's. Multi-purpose design allows you to use it as a skillet – so you can grill side orders of vegetables, seafood and meats; as a deep basket that's perfect for grilling family sized meals and as a grill basket with lid – when you want to shake things up.

11.75-inches in diameter.

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Category: BBQ

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