Riedel Vinum Burgundy Set/2

Experts with the world's most discerning palates helped develop Riedel's Vinum series, a collection of glasses designed to flatter specific types of wines and liquors. These elegant 24% lead-crystal glasses showcase the best qualities of full-bodied red wines such as a Burgundy. The generous bowl allows the bouquet to develop fully. The tapered rim directs the flow of wine to the tip of the tongue, which perceives sweetness, allowing you to appreciate a harmonious balance of fruit flavors and supple tannin. A family-owned company since 1756, Riedel produces the machine-made Vinum series at its factory in Germany. Set of two. Each glass measures 8 1/4" tall and has a capacity of 24.75 oz.







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Category: Glassware

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