Shavey Shaker

John was shaking up various drinks during a holiday party. His wife Pam and friends kept requesting “make mine icy”. So John spent much of the party shaking the cocktail shaker extra-long to achieve a small layer of ice crystals on each drink. The next day, John showed up at his neighbors’ with a cocktail shaker and a variety of items from his junk drawer. The testing began!

The path from the garage to the kitchen was soon worn out as they tried various methods to create the perfect ice shaver insert solution. Their combined efforts, along with lots of tests by willing friends, have led to the design of the Shavey Shaker.  A cocktail shaker that features a removable microplane style grater that fits snugly into a stainless cocktail shaker. With minimal effort and far fewer shakes, your drink will have a perfect layer of icy crystals.

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