Tool Wizard Grill Brush

This economical Tool Wizard Grill Brush by The Tool Wizard is the best value available in grill brushes utilizing stainless steel woven mesh scrubbing pads.  These woven mesh scrubber pads will clean your grill better than any other design.  Brass Bristles clog and then after several uses becoming  ineffective, and sometimes even become stuck to the grill grate and then into your food. Single pad Stainless Steel Grill Scrubber with extra long handle to keep you away from the heat! These Stainless Steel mesh pads are a safe alternative to course bristles for all grill types, except Teflon coatings. Use the Wizard Grill Scrubber Brush on stainless steel grill grates,  steel grill grates, porcelain grill grates or ceramic grill grates.
  • Stainless steel mesh scrubbie pads from Tool Wizard work great on your grill are a safe alternative for porcelain grills.
  • Mesh scrubber pads are easily replaceable on the Wizard Grill Scrubber.
  • Includes one mesh pad and long handle.
  • Poly Handle is dishwasher safe.
  • All poly injection molded handle will never fade, crack, rust or discolor.
  From Cooks Illustrated online - 2011  "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" "This brush, our continuing favorite, made quick work of cleaning gunk from our grill grate thanks to its large, woven mesh stainless steel "scrubby" pad that won't bend, break or clog with unwanted grease. The pad works well on any grill grate, regardless of spacing, size and material, including porcelain. Best of all, it is detachable, washable, and replaceable (a spare is included). "

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