Wüsthof Universal 4 Stage Knife Sharpener

Sharpen both your Western and Asian-style knives with the Wusthof Universal 4 stage knife sharpener.Simply place the gadget on a flat work surface and hold the E-Z grip handle with one hand and the knife handle with the other. Insert the knife blade fully into the slot at a 90-degree angle to the sharpener and pull down and back three or four times to sharpen. After setting the knife's edge with the carbide side, use the unit's ceramic side to nicely finish the edge.  The first stage carbide (coarse) sharpens dull edges. The second stage ceramic (fine) provides a polished, razor sharp edge.  Simply slide the cover over to sharpen Asian-style knives.
The four-stage knife sharpener measures 9 by 3 by 1-1/2-inches.

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